The Economics and Financing of Self-care in SRHR

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    Michelle Remme

    In the pursuit of achieving the Sustainable Development Goal of health for all, and universal health coverage, WHO has recognized the rapid advances being made in relation to self-care and is developing a consolidated guideline on self-care interventions for sexual reproductive health and rights. As part of this guidance development process, the cost, efficiency and financing implications of self-care interventions for health systems and users have been highlighted as key considerations. These interventions have the potential to increase choice, when accessible and affordable, as well as provide opportunities for individuals to make informed decisions regarding their health and health care.

    WHO/RHR and UNU-IIGH partnered to understand and anticipate the economic and financing implications of self-care for sexual and reproductive health, which will be critical to their integration into the design of programmes that aim to deliver universal health coverage. As part of this process, UNU-IIGH and WHO are co-convening this expert meeting group to critically reflect on the evidence base and identify implementation considerations and best practice statements for the guideline WHO is developing. We expect participation from a small group of about 20 experts in related work areas who have expertise in SRHR and health financing from WHO, UNU, multilateral agencies, academia, governments and global health funding organizations.

    • Michelle Remme
      Project Manager
    • Nik Zaihasra Mohd Zainudin
    • Lavanya Vijayasingham
    • Tengku Nadiahtul Zahraa Tengku Adnan