Gender and Intersectionality in IR MOOC Module

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    Capacity development
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    Claudia Isabel Marques De Abreu Lopes

    For this project, UNU-IIGH has entered into an agreement to WHO-TDR to create a new module to supplement the current massive open, online course (MOOC) on implementation research. Recognizing that sex and gender are key drivers of health outcomes, including through delivery and access to prevention and control approaches and products for the prevention and control of infectious diseases, research must address sex and gender and their intersections with other drivers of ill-health. Addressing sex, gender and intersecting axes of inequality is important throughout the research process from agenda-setting through communication, stakeholder engagement and decisions for the uptake and implementation of effective interventions.

    The MOOC module on gender and intersectionality will follow the structure of the previously developed MOOC modules and IIGH will create content and scripts to be used for a series of video lectures illustrating implementation research associated with gender and intersectionality. Five chapters will be created for the module, currently outlined as: 1) Gender, intersectionality, and health; 2) Gender and intersectionality analyses; 3) IR for gender and intersectionality; 4) Case studies; 5) Evaluation and policy translation.

    • Claudia Isabel Marques De Abreu Lopes
      Project Manager
    • Pascale Allotey Pascale Allotey Principal Visiting Fellow
    • Tengku Nadiahtul Zahraa Tengku Adnan
    • Shiau Yun Chong