The Power of Evidence: Transforming Health Systems for Gender Equality

  • While women represent 70% of the global healthcare workforce, only 25% of them hold senior roles. One result of this bias is that health systems are not designed to address the needs of women and girls, and often reinforce gender inequalities. In this episode, host Johanna converses with three health system experts on what health system transformation for gender equality looks like. They also discuss how gender power inequalities manifest in health systems and how to better build bridges across movements working towards equality without side-lining any one agenda for maximising effectiveness.

    Guest speakers

    • Jean-Paul Dossou, Centre de Recherche en Reproduction Humaine et en Démographie, Bénin
    • Lucy Gilson, University of Cape Town, School of Public Health and Family Medicine, South Africa
    • Sreytouch Vong, Policy Manager, Enhancing Quality of Healthcare Activity, Cambodia

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