A Compendium of the History of Gender Mainstreaming in Five United Nations Agencies


  • 2023•03•09

    By Ravindran, T. K. Sundari; George Atiim
    Remme, Michelle; Johanna Riha


    This compendium makes public much of the background research undertaken for the project: What Works in Gender and Health in the United Nations: Lessons Learned from Cases of Successful Gender Mainstreaming across Five UN Agencies. The compendium documents the history of efforts to integrate gender equality considerations institutionally and within health programmes implemented in the five UN agencies with a health mandate, namely UNAIDS, UNFPA, UNICEF, UNDP, WHO. Evaluations of gender mainstreaming in UN agencies have noted the near absence of knowledge management strategies on gender mainstreaming, thus hampering institutional memory and making learning from past experiences more difficult. The compendium aims to address this lacuna. It serves as a public resource documenting, in a single place, the history of gender mainstreaming efforts within each agency.

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