UNU Migration Network meeting and UNU MERIT Migration conference

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  • 2017•12•11     Maastricht

    The UNU Migration Network (UNU MN) of researchers working on migration across UNU institutes gathered at UNU-MERIT in Maastricht, Netherlands between 21-24 November to share project updates and discuss collaborative research opportunities. From work on climate change and enlarging the refugee displacement definition (UNU-EHS) to creating an index of selectivity in migration policy for migrant’s skills and nationality (UNU-CRIS), the meeting showcased the array of research being conducted. UNU-MERIT are working with various UN agencies to conduct impact evaluations, including of the IOM’s Connecting Diaspora for Development (CD4D) scheme, whereby diaspora in the Netherlands undergo short-term assignments in organizations in their home countries. UNU-ONY shared updates on developing a knowledge platform for Alliance 8.7, a global multi-stakeholder alliance dedicated to fighting modern slavery, human trafficking, and forced and child labour. UNU-CS are conducting various migrant technology research, including use of social media among North Korean refugees in South Korea. Following the UNU MN meeting, MERIT researchers presented empirical work from various regions, including on women’s migration and corruption detailing “sextortion” and how women face specific risks during migration journeys, to the impact of refugee return on land access and food security in Burundi. Overall a wealth of empirical and conceptual work-in-progress was shared among around 40 migration researchers over the 4-days. UNU-IIGH looks forward to developing their migrant health research program and further engaging with the UNU Migration Network.

    UNU Migration Network members with MERIT researchers. Photo: UNU-MERIT. Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0