New joint publication on mental health, well-being and disability

  • 2015•12•01     New York

    The year 2015 marks a historic transition for global mental health, well-being and disability. Mental health and well-being, and the rights of persons with disabilities have been integrated as new global priorities in the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To further welcome this move, a publication entitled “Mental Health, Well-being and Disability: A New Global Priority Key United Nations Resolutions and Documents” has been jointly produced by United Nations University (UNU), United Nations (UN), World Bank and the University of Tokyo. It compiles lists of key United Nations’ tools related to mental health, well-being and disability that serve as an important reference for future efforts to further integrate mental health, well-being and disability into global efforts at both policy and programme levels.

    IIGH is proud to be associated with this milestone through the commitment and contribution of its Research Fellow, Dr Atsuro Tsutsumi, who is one of the authors-cum-coordinator of the publication.

    Here is the full report (PDF):Mental Health, Well-being & Disability A New Global Priority_Revised_050116

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