The Health of Refugees book now available for pre-order

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  • 2018•11•15     Kuala Lumpur


    Prof. Allotey’s youth observing the challenges faced by the migrant and refugee communities in Africa inspired her to examine the struggles that particularly affect refugees in her work as a global health researcher, which culminated in the publication of “The Health of Refugees: Public Health Perspectives from Crisis to Settlement” in 2003.

    The book is an invaluable resource for clinicians and community health practitioners to address specific health concerns for children, sexual and reproductive health, and the elderly in the refugee community. It also discusses how refugees are particularly affected by non-communicable diseases and mental health, with a perspective for those working in urban refugees settings.

    The book also examines how global infectious disease has changed with the global mass movements and provides context for understanding the impact of major political events on forced migration and health.

    The second edition of that seminal work has been expanded to examine the issue in a global context with greater involvement of the international humanitarian community including WHO, UNHCR, IOM, and UNICEF.

    The chapter on media in the previous edition predates the internet as a medium for news and current events and the rise of social media, twitter etc. The current edition provides the opportunity for the press and social media to engage with the implications of the transmission of news and current events, particularly on issues as sensitive as global migration and asylum-seeking.

    The book is available for pre-order through the Global OUP website.