ProtoPolicyAsia: Bridging the Gap between Policy and Practice for Older Persons and Persons with Disabilities

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  • 2019•01•15     Kuala Lumpur

    Elderly man resting. UN Photo by John Isaac. Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0

    ProtoPolicyAsia is a twelve-month project beginning in February 2019 that involves the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development Malaysia, Lancaster University, Sunway University, and United Nations University – International Institute for Global Health, and Petrosains – The Science Discovery Centre. The project is funded under the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Global Challenges Research Fund Highlight Notice for International Development: Follow on Funding for Impact and Engagement Scheme.

    ProtoPolicyAsia’s main aim is to increase local community participation in the Malaysian national policy-making process to work together with relevant government agencies on social issues that relate to older persons and persons with disabilities, in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 3 (Health & Well-being) and 16 (Inclusive Societies). This also supports the Malaysian government’s goal of promoting community-based care and addressing the gap between policy and practice for these vulnerable groups, and generate lessons for translating participatory engagement methodologies across country contexts .

    The project will accomplish this by (1) supporting Malaysian government agencies to develop community-based engagement methods, using speculative design as a way to dealing with problems and creating solutions; (2) empowering local communities by developing skills and knowledge for them to come together to support community-based care and ageing- in-place; (3) assessing the impact of the change to ensure that the plans and programmes meet people’s needs and are long- lasting in to the future, and (4) developing sustainable partnerships between key groups (government agencies, Non- Government Organisations, community-based groups) to carry on tackling the social issues faced by older persons and persons with disabilities.

    This project was developed from the pilot ImaginAging led by Dr Emmanuel Tsekleves with Dr Yong Ming Hooi on imagining a city with senior citizens.

    For more information, please contact Dr David Tan and Dr Lim Shiang Cheng.