Professor Jamal Hisham Hashim Retires from UNU-IIGH


  • 2017•08•14     Kuala Lumpur

    Dr Jamal Hisham Hashim, a well-known public health scholar, and internationally respected Professor of Environmental Health has recently retired as a Research Fellow with UNU-IIGH after eight years of service. During his engagement with UNU, Professor Jamal was a key link between UNU-IIGH and the Malaysian and international academic community on a range of environmental health issues. He led many research projects focusing on the health effects of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, air pollution, environmental health impact and risk assessments, and climate change producing over 220 publications and presentations in leading peer-reviewed journals and international scientific meetings. Professor Jamal taught and researched varied topics in environmental and occupational health at National University of Malaysia (UKM) for over 25 years and supervised many PhDs. He is often consulted by governments in Southeast Asia and other regions, and the World Health Organization on environmental health issues. Although officially retired as a Research Fellow, Professor Jamal will continue his engagement with UNU-IIGH as a Visiting Professor to explore future collaborative research initiatives within Malaysia, regionally and internationally.


    Professor Jamal Hisham Hashim delivering his farewell speech. Photo: UNU-IIGH. Creative Commons BY-NC 2.0