Patient Classification System International Casemix System World Conference

  • 2013•09•25     Helsinki

    The Government of Indonesia recently launched the National Social Health Insurance Programme with the aim of achieving universal coverage by 2019. UNU-IIGH and International Casemix Centre of National University of Malaysia (ITCC-UKM) was engaged by Ministry of Health Indonesia to provide the technical support to reform the provider payment method since 2007. In 2010, INA-CBG, the Casemix system developed jointly by UNU-IIGH and ITCC-UKM was launched.

    In the 29th PSCI/Casemix System World Conference in Helsinki, Finland, that took place on 17-21 September 2013, Professor Dr Syed Aljunid presented his experience in developing Casemix System in Indonesia through a scientific paper entitled “Curbing Moral Hazards of Providers in Development of Top-Up Payment for UNU-CBG Casemix Tariff in Indonesia and Malaysia.”

    In a poster presentation, he presented a paper on “ Enhancing Health Information System for Implementation of UNU-CBG Casemix System in Bhutan”. He also co-authored another paper presented by Dr Rosminah Mohamed of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) entitled “Transparency of Casemix costing as a strategic planning measure for APEX status hospital USM”.

    As a member of the conference scientific committee, Professor Dr Syed Aljunid had also chaired two concurrent sessions on Casemix and Health Policy which was attended by almost 250 participants from more than 30 different countries.