First International Conference on Urban Health in Asia

  • 2015•06•01     Dhaka

    From 24-27 May 2015, Dhaka, Bangladesh hosted the 12th International Conference on Urban Health (ICUH). The first iteration of this important conference on Asian soil signals an awareness of the growing challenges to urban health in rapidly-urbanizing Asian nations, and, indeed, throughout the developing world.

    UNU-IIGH contributed extensively to the success of this undertaking. Director Tony Capon served on the organising committee; Research Fellows José SiriUta DietrichAtsuro Tsutsumi and Postdoctoral Researcher Emdad Haque travelled to Dhaka and delivered a set of presentations (including two plenary speeches) spanning various conference themes, including:

    1. Addressing socioeconomic and environmental determinants of urban health and health inequities;
    2. Urban health care and public health service provision across the life course; and
    3. Strengthening governance for urban health.
    Photo: UNU-IIGH

    Photo: UNU-IIGH

    The UNU-co-sponsored ICSU Programme on systems thinking for urban health and wellbeing was represented at the conference by Executive Director Franz Gatzweiler, and a special session introduced the Programme and associated research activities at UNU-IIGH.

    Conference attendees showed particular interest in any presentation on systems approaches to urban health, demonstrating an awareness of their potential benefits and and at the same time a desire to understand better how they might be applied in policy, planning and implementation. UNU-IIGH is uniquely positioned to respond to this gap with an open access capacity-building initiative, which is planned for the near future.