Experts Roundtable Report on Malaysian White Paper for Health

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  • 2022•10•04     Kuala Lumpur

    This report presents a summarised account of extensive discussions held on July 2nd about the forthcoming Malaysian White Paper on Health.  

    The discussions took place over a full day and consisted of a mix of plenary and small group roundtable discussions (see Appendix 1 of the report for the full programme). A total of 54 health policy experts from a wide range of stakeholder groups were invited to participate in the discussions. In addition, there were 10 observers (including from the MoH) and 17 other participants who provided a secretariat function for the event.   

    The meeting was convened and hosted by the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH) and the University of Malaya Faculty of Medicine, working with and through an organising committee of 10 individuals from various organisations.  

    Following the meeting, a detailed record of the discussions and recommendations from each roundtable was prepared. These records were then condensed and summarised by UNU-IIGH before being compiled into this single report, along with an integrated executive summary. 

    The event on July 2nd involved multiple stakeholders covering a wide range of issues and consisted of about 10 hours of cumulative discussion time. This was followed by further email discussions designed to refine and improve the quality and clarity of the written reports. 

    In summarising and presenting an overview of the discussions, UNU-IIGH has done its best to accurately reflect the discussions and present a succinct account of the key recommendations. However, UNU-IIGH recognises that this report does not represent the views of everyone on every single issue or topic. 

    Importantly, the discussions on July 2nd should be viewed as only a first step towards developing expert and professional consensus on the broad direction of travel for health reform in Malaysia. Further work is required to generate political, public, and professional support for a reform agenda that will strengthen Malaysia’s health system and deliver more effective, efficient, and equitable healthcare. 

    Read the meeting report here.


    David McCoy 

    Research Lead: Evidence to Policy 

    United Nations University International Institute for Global Health 


    Indra Pathmanathan 

    Senior Visiting Fellow 

    United Nations University International Institute for Global Health