Expert warns of haze danger

  • 2015•10•23     Kuala Lumpur

    For weeks, Malaysia has been engulfed in smoke caused by forest fire in neigbouring Indonesia and this inevitably affect Malaysians’ general health and wellbeing.

    For more insights on how this calamity poses health problems, the New Straits Times had recently interviewed UNU-IIGH Environmental Health and Research Fellow, Professor Dr Jamal Hisham Hashim.

    Here is the excerpt from the article by Ms Aina Nasa:

    Prof Jamal said a study published by reputable international journal Nature claimed that outdoor air pollution contributed significantly to premature deaths around the globe.

    “The effects of the haze are worse on the heart than the lungs, leading to strokes and heart attacks”.

    “The best defence against haze is to stay indoors. It is also important to reduce indoor sources of air pollution like smoking, frying and burning of mosquito coils. If you must go outside, wear N95 masks,” he said, adding that N95 masks were most effective because they were designed for dusty atmospheres and could filter the air people breathed.

    “The normal surgical mask was designed to prevent users from spreading germs, not protecting them from the air outside. However, any kind of mask is better than nothing.”

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