A global health response to gender justice requires continued engagement

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  • 2021•10•27     Kuala Lumpur

    The global health community justifiably expresses shock and concern over unfolding crises from Afghanistan to Ukraine. Beyond condemnation, we recommend that the global health community consider the following:

    1. Achieving global health goals necessitates addressing the underlying inequalities and injustices of peoples’ lives. This is not a short term activity. This requires trust, relationship-building, nuance, pragmatism, and understanding the politics of a situation. It also requires engagement with the systems and processes that shape the environment where people live.
    2. Context is king (queen!). The gut response to injustice is an important galvaniser for action, but we need to learn how to engage better with the social, cultural, economic, and political context through genuine collaboration with those who live and work in the various contexts.
    3. Health equity and gender equality are powerful and underutilised tools for peace and prosperity. [14] Concerted efforts to enhance our practice will yield multiple benefits.

    Read the complete piece at https://blogs.bmj.com/bmj/2021/10/22/a-global-health-response-to-gender-justice-requires-continued-engagement/