Dimensions of Gender Equality in Digital Access

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  • 2019•09•05     Kuala Lumpur

    Dr Araba Sey of UNU-CS was in UNU-IIGH last month to share her work on gender equality in digital access during the UNU-IIGH Digital Health Week. The most common misconception is that a gender gap no longer exist in digital access, given the high levels of mobile phone adoption even in less developed regions of the world.

    However, the latest data from the International Telecommunication Union suggests otherwise. Furthermore, equality in digital access involves more than mere availability and use of mobile phones. This presentation examines a variety of indicators related to computer, mobile phone, and internet access to discuss the extent to which women have equal access to digital devices and the ability to use these technologies in beneficial ways.

    Slides from the presentation can be found here: ArabaSey_Dimensions of gender equality in digital access