Hawkes, Sarah

Principal Visiting Fellow

  • Sarah Hawkes


    • PhD in epidemiology and public health

    Biographical Statement

    Sarah Hawkes is a medical doctor with a degree in sociology and a PhD in epidemiology and public health. She is Professor of Global Public Health at University College London where she leads a research theme analysing the use of research evidence in policy processes, particularly in relation to gender and health equity. Sarah is Director of the UCL Centre for Gender, Health and Social Justice (http://ighgc.org/), co-Chair of the Lancet Commission on Gender and Global Health (https://genderandhealthcommission.org/ ), and co-Director and co-founder of Global Health 50/50 (https://globalhealth5050.org/) which advances action and accountability for gender equality in global health. She has lived and worked for much of the past 25 years in Asia, where she has gathered evidence, collaborated to strengthen capacity, and operated at the interface of policy and research communities – working alongside national Governments, UN agencies and civil society organisations promoting gender equality, health equity and human rights in health policies and programmes.