Workshop on the Concepts and Measuring Efficiency in Healthcare

  • DATE / TIME:
    2011•12•19 - 2011•12•20
    Kuala Lumpur


    The United Nations University – International Institute for Global Health in partnership with International Training Center for Casemix and Clinical Coding (ITCC-UKM) of Universti Kebangsaan Malaysia organized a two-day training workshop on efficiency held on 19-20 December 2011 in UNU-IIGH Bldg. The workshop participants included nine technical staff from Ministry of Health Malaysia and postgraduate students from UNU-IIGH and University of Kebangsaan Malaysia. The training workshop was officiated by Tan Sri Dr. Mohamed Salleh Yasin, Director of UNU-IIGH

    Professor Dr. Syed Aljunid, Senior Research Fellow of UNU-IIGH, Dr Hossein Moshiri, Postdoctoral Fellow of UNU-IIGH and Dr Zafar Ahmed from ITCC-UKM conducted the workshop. The participants were provided with a comprehensive introduction on the overall concepts of efficiency and casemix system, use of techniques for measuring efficiency in healthcare and the application of the measurement tools on efficiency in the healthcare industry. The experts were optimistic that the knowledge acquired by the participants during the workshop would be translated into practice in their work environment.

    At the end of the training workshop the participants were requested to answer the evaluation questionnaire focused on the objectives, organization, methodology/learning effects and expertise of the trainers. The purpose of the evaluation questionnaire is to guide the Institution and trainers in continuously improving the quality of their training method.