Planetary Health Satellite Meeting at UN Environment Assembly

  • DATE / TIME:
    2016•05•25    10:00 - 16:00

    This discussion meeting will update on progress since the release of the Planetary Health Commission report; provide an open opportunity for participants to give input on how we can all work together to actively contribute to new initiatives such as the Planetary Health Alliance and Future Earth; and, reinforce how the initiatives should collaborate to address shared challenges of global environmental change and human health.

    Future Earth is a ten-year global platform for sustainability research which seeks to bring together research communities and research users (governments, industry, civil society) to catalyse solutions-driven research. It presents a novel approach to global environmental change research that prioritizes knowledge generation to address key gaps in information by overcoming disciplinary silos that hinder full understanding needed for action. Health has been identified as one of eight focal challenges for research activities. A Health Knowledge Action Network (KAN) has been proposed under Future Earth, which aims to:
     provide a mechanism for global and open engagement;
     encourage coordination across stakeholders from within and outside of the direct health community; and,
     support the wide translation of research findings into policy and practice outcomes.

    The Planetary Health Alliance is a consortium of academic, nongovernmental, and governmental partners which is supporting the growth of a robust field of planetary health globally by working across the three intersecting domains of research, education, and policy.

  • African Population and Health Research Centre Campus (APHRC)
    Manga Close
    Off Kirawa Road

  • Ms Sheila Mwero