Building Individual and Organizational Capacity in the Asia-Pacific Region 5th International Workshop on Psychological Intervention After Disasters

  • DATE / TIME:
    2016•11•14    08:00 - 2016•11•17    17:00

    The 5th International Workshop on Psychological Intervention After Disasters (PIAD) will use international basic and applied scientific expertise to enable researchers, educators and practitioners of psychological interventions in Asia and the Pacific region to gain a better understanding of the causes of mental health problems after regional disasters and improve the ability of victims to respond to their consequences.

    The focus will be on events that have a tremendous negative impact on large sections of the population in the affected area, such as natural catastrophes, technological failure, warfare or pandemics. The workshop will also address particular groups that have been relatively overlooked in this regard, such as families with children and adolescents.

    In addition to focusing on the science needed to enhance the effect of psychological interventions in the Asia-Pacific region, the workshop will also aim at increasing the capacity for sustained basic and applied research in the Asia and the Pacific.

    The focus on the Asia and Pacific region is related to two important facts:

    • First, the four billion inhabitants of the region form 60% of the world’s population and 41% of the natural disasters around the world occur in this region, frequently causing extensive damage, loss of life, and severe hardship; and
    • Second, the majority of countries in this region often lack an advanced infrastructure or responsive rescue systems, and help is typically concentrated on addressing physical and infrastructural devastation with less attention being paid to effects on individuals and groups, especially of psychological adversity.

    The Workshop is sponsored by the International Research on Disaster Risk International Centre of Excellence (IRDR-ICoE) of The Academy located in Taipei, and organized by IUPsyS, the ICSU Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ICSU ROAP), with support from the Department of Psychology, University of the Philippines, Diliman, the United Nations University International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH), and the Chinese Psychological Society (CPS). It will be hosted by the University of the Philippines and will take place in the city of Manila.

    Submissions for poster discussions close on 15 August 2016. Visit the event website for more information, registration and poster submission.

  • Organisers can be contacted email or fax: or via fax: +60326917961