Urban Transitions Global Summit 2016: Towards a better urban future in an interconnected age

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2016•09•05    16:00 - 2016•09•09    17:00

    Cities are incredibly vibrant centres of innovation, education, employment and commerce. They are the heart of the modern global economy and as such they continue to attract rural migrants seeking a better quality of life for themselves and their families. Today, more than half of the world population lives in urban areas, and each week, the urban population increases globally by 1.3 million.

    As we become a mainly urban species, we have significant challenges and exciting opportunities ahead of us, as we try to transition towards more:

    • Economically competitive urban futures
    • Sustainable and resilient urban futures
    • Equitable and inclusive urban societies
    • Digitally supported urban futures

    Urban Transitions 2016 will bring together researchers, policy-makers, government representatives and practitioners to review these themes.

    Parallel sessions supplemented by large poster sessions will include a number of structured networking opportunities and structured round table discussions to synthesise discussions and make recommendations for the future.

    At Urban Transitions 2016, UNU-IIGH is co-sponsoring a plenary panel called ‘From Urban to Planetary Health’. This session is led by Professor Franz Gatzweiler, Executive Director of the International Council for Science’s global interdisciplinary programme on Systems Thinking for Urban Health and Wellbeing.

    Panellists will share their knowledge and discuss the future of urban health, how future cities need to be built and governed, which kind of science we need for sustaining future (urban and planetary) health and how to work together and create collective intelligence to achieve the SDGs. Panellists are Anthony Capon, Director, UNU-IIGH; Thomas Elmqvist, Stockholm Resilience Center; Susan Parnell, African Centre for Cities; Yong-Guan Zhu, Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS); and Tolullah Oni, University of Cape Town.

    Professor Anthony Capon, UNU-IIGH, will also deliver a keynote address on ‘Urbanization, sustainable development and human health: Integrative perspectives on the health of people, places and planetary systems.’

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