International Conference on Gender Studies in Africa

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2022•02•23 - 2022•02•25

    The International Conference on Gender Studies in Africa aims to bring together international expertise from academia, science granting councils, government, industry as well as civil society to deliberate on the question of Gender Studies in the academy and in national development practice in Africa. Led by Makerere University, the home of Africa’s oldest and biggest School of Gender Studies, in a continent with complex relations and development challenges, the conference will explore ways African universities can enhance the teaching, research and policy engagement/implementation in gender to answer Africa’s development challenges.

    Questions to be addressed will include the following:

    • What has been the experience of 30 years of gender studies on the continent?
    • What is the role/significance of Gender Studies in Africa?
    • Does Africa need Gender Studies?
    • What kind of Gender Studies does Africa need and Why?
    • How should gender research be better conducted to meet the current needs and challenges?
    • How should gender research be financed and by who?
    • How should students be prepared for Gender and Development Practice?
    • How have thirty years of gender studies impacted the academia, policy, practices and narratives of patriarchy over the years?

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    UNU-IIGH Postdoctoral Fellow Ronald Musizvingoza will speak on emerging findings from a decolonial, feminist research prioritization process for gender and health during the COVID-19 pandemic at the session Gender and Contemporary Health.

    Schedule: 24 February 2022, 8:30-10:00am Uganda Time