Work Placement Internship

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    Kuala Lumpur

    The UNU International Institute for Global Health (UNU–IIGH) invites applications for work placement internships at the UNU-IIGH office in Kuala Lumpur. Interns are recruited through a competitive application process with no fixed closing date.

    Students who are currently enrolled in graduate studies, those who have recently completed a graduate programme, and undergraduates who are interested in experiencing work placement in a global health organisation are encouraged to apply.

    The aim of the Work Placement Internship Programme is to provide a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding experience for students and young professionals. Successful candidates are expected to contribute to the current programme and operational priorities of UNU-IIGH.

    The programme provides opportunities for the development of new skills and knowledge, and is a unique and constructive setting for the practical application of capacities acquired through tertiary education. The programme places a strong emphasis on the training, guidance, and hands-on experience that form the basis of a beneficial internship.

    The programme opens with an orientation designed to familiarise interns with UNU-IIGH, UNU, their co-workers, facilities, and the working processes. The knowledge and practical experience gained will be beneficial to the interns in their future career. Interns can expect to gain valuable work experience while contributing in meaningful ways to the mission of UNU-IIGH.


    The objectives of the Internship at UNU-IIGH are to:

    • provide opportunities for in-depth, hands-on experience in a research and training organisation

    • promote interaction and dialogue between young scholars, professionals, and UNU-IIGH academics and staff

    • familiarise interns with the mission and current activities of UNU and UNU-IIGH

    • enable contributions to the research and operational activities within UNU-IIGH

    Examples of work assignments

    Interns have the opportunity to engage in a number of ongoing initiatives that provide a unique window into the working processes of UNU. Interns support the work of UNU-IIGH in various ways:

    • Programme management: supporting the development of project management tools and systems

    • Event & meeting coordination: supporting the organisation of lectures, conferences, workshops, and other public events, logistical support and minute-taking

    • Editorial support: proof-reading reports and copy editing

    • Communications: preparation and dissemination of newsletters, event summaries, and other communication documents.


    For visa purposes, interns need to be actively enrolled as a student at the time of application. The minimum qualification for a Work Placement Intern is to be enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree programme (those actively enrolled in a Master’s Degree programme meet this requirement).


    The criteria that are considered include, but are not limited to, the following that the candidate:

    • is under 35 years of age at the time of application

    • is fluent in written and spoken English

    • has excellent research, writing, and analytical skills

    • specialise in either the field of communications, public or global health, event management, administration, digital health, gender studies, gender-based violence or ICT

    • can establish and maintain effective working relations with people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds

    • demonstrates resourcefulness and creativity in problem-solving

    • has good computer skills: sound, hands-on knowledge of standard office software (word processing, spreadsheets, databases, etc.)

    • has an interest in the work of the United Nations and more, specifically, in the work of UNU

    Candidates with experience in social media support, graphic design, and communications-related data analytics are also welcome.


    UNU-IIGH internships receive a stipend of RM 1,000/month. To cover additional costs, interns are either self-funded or supported through nominating institutions or governments. Sponsors will need to provide the required financial assistance for a living stipend of about RM 2,000/month, and travel to and from Malaysia (where applicable).

    Interns will be presented with a certificate of acknowledgement as a “UNU-IIGH Global Health Intern” at the end of the placement.

    Duration and working conditions

    The usual duration of internships is 3 months, with the possibility of extension for up to a total of 6 months. Interns are expected to work full time during the regular working hours of the University, Monday to Friday. For those working on-site (not remotely), a work station with computer, internet access, and free access to UNU-IIGH library resources are provided. (Library resources are also available to interns working remotely.)

    Application process

    Interested applicants are requested to submit the following to

    1. A cover letter outlining your reasons and motivations for applying, as well as the following:

    • Intended activities
    • Learning or outcomes proposed for the internship programme

    As a general rule, please keep your cover letters concisely written (less than 500 words), with proper heading, subject, salutation, date and punctuation.

    2. Updated resume, with contact details, academic record, publications and past work experiences (if any);

    3. Completed UNU-IIGH internship application form.

    Note: The email subject line should state your name and reference the internship programme. Please also note that it is not necessary to apply to both the Work Placement Internship and the Academic Internship listed on this site; you may apply to one or the other, and indicate in your cover letter and in the internship application form, your desire to be considered for both.