Gender and Health Webinar series

  • Gender and Health Webinar Series host timely debates on ‘how to do’ gender in health. The series aims to engage practitioners, policy makers, academics, and civil society organisations to examine the evidence that exists and explore opportunities to translate the evidence into policy and action.

    The objectives of the Gender & Health Webinar Series are to:

    • Discuss, reflect and engage with contemporary evidence on gender integration in health, sharing knowledge and experiences with a view to influence policy and programmatic change.
    • Create lively discussions and conversations with thought leaders and practitioners to share solutions to gender integration beyond their health areas of expertise.
    • Highlight and support policy solutions, simplify successful technical approaches, and amplify effective ways of getting political influence.
    • Build a diverse, interdisciplinary, and multi-stakeholder community working in gender and global health, with a focus on amplifying new voices from the Global South
    • Disseminate findings and work produced by the GHH, situating these within broader contexts with a view to influence policy.
    • Forge new cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary partnerships.

    The webinar series will be guided by the following principles:

    • Diversity, inclusivity, intersectionality
    • Accessibility (in terms of our audience and trying to make our content as accessible as possible)
    • Co-creative approach instead of consultative approach
    • Tackling power imbalances
    • Action and policy-oriented engagement

    Target audience

    The series aims to speak to the policy and programming questions of those working at the intersection of gender and health, across a range of institutions, including:

    • UN agencies with health-related mandates
    • Global health organizations
    • Civil society organisations